Revitalization and protection of ecological systems disturbed by natural disasters


  • Technical university in Zvolen,
  • Institute of Geoinformatics and Cartography, TU Wien,
  • The conference was organized with the financial support of the Austrian Information Center for Scientific Cooperation, SAIA n.o. within the project TU-2: bilateral cooperation between TU Zvolen and TU Wien.


9:00 prof. Ing. Ján Tuček, CSc., Welcome address

Section 1

  • 9:05 prof. Ján Tuček, TU Zvolen, Influence of the geographical and forestry parameters of forest stand to the forest fire occurrence
  • 9:20 Peter Fleischer, Milan Koreň, Research Station of TANAP, ŠL TANAP, Tatranská Lomnica, Natural disasters in Tatras region
  • 9:35  prof. Anton Osvald, Andrea Majlingová, TU Zvolen, Response of selected coniferous tree species to fire event
  • 9:50  Marián Lopuch, HaZZ, Poprad, Forest fire – tactical methods of liquidation
  • 10:05 Peter Weisenpache, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava, Forest Fire Computer Simulation using FARSITE Simulator

Coffee break 10:30

Section 2

  • 10:50 Piotr Wężyk, Grzegorz  Zajączkowski, Mateusz Sztreme, Poland,  Geoinformation technologies applications in the mapping of widstorm area in Pisz primeval forest (north East Poland)  
  • 11:05 Gerhard Navratil, TU Vienna, Data quality for spatial planning – an ontological view
  • 11:20 Takeshi Shirabe, TU Vienna, Shortest path search from a physical perspective
  • 11:35 Claudia Achatschit, TU Vienna, Preference based spatial decision support

Lunch 12:00    

Section 3

  • 13:30 YMS, a.s., Trnava, Mobile data collection via GIS
  • 13:45 Intergraph ČR, s.r.o., Praha, World of map services
  • 14:00 ATopo, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica, Mobile mapping and data collection
  • 14:15 Ornth, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica, The use of GPS in large forest fires extinguishment

Coffee break 14:30

Section 4

  • 15:00 Marek Fabrika,  TU Zvolen, Decision support for forest ecosystem management by model SIBYLA and GIS
  • 15:15  doc. Jaroslav Hofierka, University of Prešov, Modelling overland water flow and erosion processes using open-source GIS
  • 15:30  Miroslav Lukáč, Water Research Institute, Bratislava, The use of numerical modelling and GIS in the project of slovak-austrian Morava river reach restoration
  • 15:45 M. Koreň, J. Tuček, V. Papaj, TU Zvolen, Regional model of forest ecosystems